***Joana/Mancow's Outland Guide for Horde***



Welcome to Joana's 60-70 Burning Crusade Outland Leveling Guide for Horde!  Before I start, I would like you to understand that there are hundreds of quests in the Outland, and there is only 10 levels of character advancement.  What this means is that there is no perfect path to take since you will be at the same level for long periods of time (at least I have not found a perfect path yet), with this in mind, this 60-70 guide will be a bit different than my 1-60 guide.  I am not going to list an exact path to take but rather list the order of a general path to take in the Outland.  I am going to highlight quest hub paths to take, a general order on how all the quests are to be done, and any information I feel is necessary to mention about a particular quest.  I am not going to fill this guide up with loads of obvious information and force you to take one path the whole time.  You should read all the quest descriptions carefully, because they will tell you where and how the quest is done, I will list additional info on a quest if I feel it would help out.  This guide was made for a reference on where you should be leveling at and any help you may need on particular quests. I wrote this guide based on the info I wish I had the first time I was playing through the Outland.  My guide is also tweaked for FAST leveling, since that is what I like doing best with this game.  I leveled up two characters to 70 in the beta, 60-70 takes about the same time as 1-50, although I'm not completely sure because I have not done any speed runs through Outland yet.


Why didn't I make a step-by-step guide?  It is about impossible to come up with a very good step-by-step guide while playing in the beta.  As I am writing this guide, the game is constantly changing from patch to patch.  With every patch that comes out like every week, Blizzard is adding a lot more quests and tweaking the way current quests work, plus it takes months and months of playing and planning to come up with a set-in-stone pattern. Once TBC matures a bit more and I do several speed runs through it and feel comfortable with a set in stone pattern I can then make a step-by-step guide, you are just going to have to settle with this "reference" guide for now, which should still be VERY helpful.


Also the quest patterns are pretty much the same no matter what class you are.


If you come across any quest that you don't know where or how to do it, simply look it up at either wow.allakhazam.com or Thottbot.com, they will tell you everything about the quest.



Help me improve this guide!

If you feel that some quests should contain additional information that would be helpful, or if you have any additions or find any errors in this guide, PLEASE contact me here, make sure you leave "Outland Guide Improvements" in the subject line so it filters correctly into my inbox.  This guide is a work in progress, and I appreciate any feedback to make this guide better!


If you have any general questions or comments on anything, please email me here:  joana@joanasworld.com  You can also visit my website:  WWW.JOANASWORLD.COM



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This guide is an excellent reference for how to level up in Outland, a good way to use this guide is if you need help on a quest you can use your browser's "Find" feature, simply go to your browser's menu and click "Find" or use the shortcut key "CTRL+F" to bring up the find text function, then enter the quest name (or a partial part of the quest name) and your browser will go right to it.


More info on how to use this guide:


08) "Quest Name"  (this quest has a yellow highlighted number)  Quests that have a yellow highlighted number simply means it is numbered on the map to the right.  This saves time because some quests are not numbered on the maps, so you know whether or not to look on the maps.


Links colored in blue are quests that are (or will be in the future) linked to both thottbot and allakhazam, you can see this by the last two letters in each quest link will take you to Thottbot instead of Allakhazam. This is not implemented yet!


Links colored in maroon are internal guide links.


For each section you will notice that some quests will be highlighted in a certain color, this means that each quests with the same highlighted color (in each section) are generally best done together at the same time.  So before doing a quest that has a highlight on it, make sure you have the other quests with the same highlight before you go do them.  This just makes things more efficient for faster leveling.  And the [x] next to each highlighted quest simply means how many other quests total have that same highlight.


All video links are in RED,  All videos are linked to both Stage6 and Google Video (the last letter in each short video link will take you to Google video instead). Now keep in mind Stage6 has MUCH higher video quality than Google video.  Mirrors are provided if there is an issue with one of the links.


!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!  -  This simply means I did not continue on with this quest chain in the beta.  It does not necessarily mean that you shouldn't continue on also.



Joana on a Flying Mount - Wheeeeeeeee!


Outland 60-70

01) To enter the Outland, you must have the Burning Crusade Expansion pack, otherwise you are not allowed to enter it.  To enter it, you have to go through Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands, from there you can enter the Outland.

02) There is a quest giver (Warlord Dar'toon) right before you enter the dark portal that gives "Through the Dark Portal"  ... accept it.

03) Then enter the Dark Portal.

04) Before I get started, I want you to get a bit familiar of what is in store for you, as far as the paths you are going to take.  Check the map out to the right for a basic guideline on the leveling paths you are going to take.  Here is a quick and basic rundown of zones/levels:

05) 60-61 Hellfire Peninsula

06) 61-63 Zangarmarsh

07) 63-65 Terokkar Forest

08) 65-67 Nagrand

09) 67-68 Blade's Edge Mountains

10) 68-69 Netherstorm

11) 69-70 Shadowmoon Valley

12) For reference, you can check out Blizzard's overview of Outland right here, you can get a good idea of where all the cities and dungeons are with this map.


(Levels 60-70)


60-61 Hellfire Peninsula

Hellfire Peninsula


01) Dark Portal

02) Thrallmar

03) Stonescythe Canyon

04) Spinebreaker Post

05) Zeppelin Crash

06) Falcon Watch

07) Cenarion Post


REMEMBER:  The arrow paths you see only represent a general progression path to take through Hellfire Peninsula, it does NOT represent an exact path to take.

This big blue O represents the best grinding spots. Most of the mobs in this zone are non-squishes, the best grinding spot in this zone would be the Wrathguards at the Legion Front.


Dark Portal

01) First thing you'll notice in front of you is a bunch of HUGE demons killing a bunch of NPCs, no need to worry about it now.

02) Go down the steps and turn in "Through the Dark Portal" ... accept "Arrival in Outland"

03) Go turn in "Arrival in Outland" ... accept "Journey to Thrallmar"

04) Then Fly to Thrallmar...

05) Make Thrallmar your home.

06) Turn in "Journey to Thrallmar" ... accept "Report to Nazgrel"

07) Go turn in "Report to Nazgrel" ... accept "Eradicate the Burning Legion"



 (QUEST CHAINS that start in Thrallmar)


01) "Eradicate the Burning Legion"  (this is the first quest chain I start doing in Hellfire Peninsula) (Turn this in at 58.41)

02) "Felspark Ravine"

03) "Forward Base: Reaver's Fall"  (turn this in at 65.43)

04) "Disrupt Their Reinforcements"  (the portals & mobs are directly east of this quest giver, Portal Xilus=70.45,  Portal Kruul=74.38)

05) "Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadraz"  (talk to the NPC right next to you to get a wyvern to fly and bomb 2 portals, if you don't do it the first time, you can go and do it again.)

06) "Mission: The Abyssal Shelf"  (very similar to the previous quest, except you have to bomb a bunch of mobs)

07) "Return to Thrallmar"

08) "Forge Camp: Mageddon"  (the camp is at 64.32)

09) "Cannons of Rage"  (this camp is at 58.30)

10) "Doorway to the Abyss"  (this is all done at 53.27)

11) "Cruel's Intentions" Elite



12) "Bonechewer Blood"

13) "Apothecary Zelana"  (turn this in at 66.43)

14) See... "Spinebreaker Post" at Spinebreaker Post...



15) "I Work... For the Horde!"

16) "Burn It Up... For the Horde!"  (eastern cannon=60.52,  western cannon=54.53)



17) "The Assassin"  (Krun Spinebreaker is at 33.43)

18) "A Strange Weapon"

19) "The Warchief's Mandate"

20) "A Spirit Guide"

21) "The Mag'har"

22) "Messenger to Thrall"  (I generally do this quest later when I turn LVL 62 so I can get new spells/abilities while I'm at it)

23) "Envoy to the Mag'har"  (turn this in at 32.27)

24) "A Debilitating Sickness"  (grab this quest right next to where you turned the previous one in)  (the mushroom is in the cave at 34.64)

25) "Administering the Salve"



26) "Vile Plans"  (starts from an item drop)

27) "The Agony and the Darkness[3] (Pools of Aggonar, 38.40)  (I wait until I go to Falcon Watch later to get more quests to do at the Pools of Aggonar before I go there)



28) "Report to Nazgrel"



29) "Weaken The Ramparts"

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!



30) "Hellfire Fortifications"

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!



31) "Falcon Watch"  (this quest leads to Falcon Watch at 27.60)






Stonescythe Canyon (51.30)


01) "Outland Sucks!"  (quest giver is at 51.30)  (the spare parts are all along the ravine just south-west)

02) "How to Serve Goblins"  (this is done at around 45.42)

03) "Shizz Work"  (I don't know where Blizz gets their quest ideas at!)

04) "Beneath Thrallmar"


Spinebreaker Post (61.81)

(QUEST CHAINS that start in Spinebreaker Post)

Get FP there.


01) "Make Them Listen"  (mobs are directly west)  (while doing this quest you will find an item drop which starts this quest  "Decipher the Tome")

02) Turn "Decipher the Tome" in ... accept "The Battle Horn"

03) "The Battle Horn"  (the mob for this quest is at 54.83)

04) "Bloody Vengeance"  (this is done at 63.77)

05) "Honor the Fallen"  (turn this in at 56.77)



06) "Spinebreaker Post"

07) "Boiling Blood[3] (the cauldron is at 65.71)

08) "Apothecary Antonich"

09) "A Burden of Souls"

10) "The Demoniac Scryer"  (this is done around 44.50)

11) "Report to Nazgrel"



12) "Zeth'Gor Must Burn![3] (Forge: 69.69,  Barracks: 69.76,  Eastern Hovel: 70.70,  Western Hovel: 67.76,  Stable: 68.73)


________________________Wanted Poster

13) "Wanted: Worg Master Kruush[3] (Kruush is at 68.73 in the worg stables)



14) "The Eyes of Grillok"  (use Zezzak's Shard on the Eye of Grillok at Zeth'Gor, 67.74)

15) "Grillok 'Darkeye'"  (Grillok Darkeye is in the cave at 66.71)  (he has a lot of hit points so be cautious)



16) "The Warp Rifts[2] (this is done at 49.81)  (you should do this quest along with "Voidwalkers Gone Wild" [get this quest at 49.74] since their both done in the same place)

17) "Void Ridge"  (there is a shortcut to get there at 72.67 called Spinebreaker Pass)

18) "From the Abyss"  (purple crystals are at 80.78)



19) "Preparing the Salve"

20) "Investigate the Crash"  (turn this in at 49.74)

21) Go to Zeppelin Crash quest chains...



Zeppelin Crash (49.74)


01) "Voidwalkers Gone Wild[2] (this is done at 49.81)  (you should do this quest along with "The Warp Rifts" since their both done in the same place)  (I then go do "Ravager Egg Roundup" immediately after this [at 36.89])



02) "Ravager Egg Roundup"  (this is done at 36.89)

03) "Helboar, the Other White Meat"  (Helboars are all over the place)

04) "Smooth as Butter"  (mobs are at around 62.66)  (While doing this quest, make sure you kill Marauding Crust Bursters until they drop an Eroded Leather Case, which starts "Missing Missive" [this quest is later turned in at 15.52])


Falcon Watch (27.60)

Get FP there.


01) "Arelion's Journal" [3]  (drops from a slime at the Pools of Aggonar, 38.40)

02) "Arelion's Secret"  (need to turn in at Magister Aledis)

03) "The Mistress Revealed"

04) "Arelion's Mistress"  (the alcoholic beverage is in Zangarmarsh, Cenarion Refuge at the inkeeper Coryth Stoktron, the item is called Cenarion Spirits.  The NPC to turn it into is right in the middle of the lower part of Falcon Watch, if the NPC is not there, it's because somebody else is doing the quest currently)



05) "In Need of Felblood" [3]  (Pools of Aggonar, 38.40)

06) "The Cleansing Must Be Stopped"



07) "Source of the Corruption"  (Sha'naar is at 14.59)



08) "Naladu" (quest giver is at 15.58 in the hut)  (turn this in at 16.65)

09) "A Traitor Among Us"  (key is in the hut at 14.63)

10) "The Dreghood Elders"  (Morod=13.61,  Akoru=15.58,  Aylaan=13.58)

11) "Arzeth's Demise"



12) "Magic of the Arakkoa[2] (done at Den of Haal'esh)



13) "The Road to Falcon Watch"  (an escort quest that starts at 24.76)

14) "A Pilgrim's Plight"  (the pack is at 22.68)



15) "Birds of a Feather[2] (done at Den of Haal'esh)



16) "Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage"  (wanted poster, this quest is very hard to solo, you should find a group to help you kill him.  The cave is at 33.64, I was finally able to solo it at level 65)



17) "The Great Fissure"

18) "Marking the Path"  (western=29.60,  central=34.60  southern=36.65)


________________________Requires LVL 61

19) "Trueflight Arrows"  (mobs are just north of Falcon Watch, 26.47)


________________________Requires LVL 61

20) "Helping the Cenarion Post"  (turn in at 15.52)



21) "Report to Zurai"  (this leads to Swamprat Post in Zangarmarsh at 85.54)

Cenarion Post (15.52)


01) "Demonic Contamination"

02) "Testing the Antidote"



03) "Colossal Menace"  (you should find a group to help you do this quest)  (while doing this quest you should find the item Crimson Crystal Shard which starts "Crimson Crystal Clue")



04) "Crimson Crystal Clue"  (quest starts from an item drop)

05) "The Earthbinder"

06) "Natural Remedies"  (the spot to lay the seeds is at 13.39)  (you have to fight an elite to complete the quest)



07) "Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!"  (this is done at around 8.51)



61-63 Zangarmarsh



01) Cenarion Refuge

02) Swamprat Post

03) Zabra'jin

04) Cenarion Watchpost

05) Sporeggar

REMEMBER:  The arrow paths you see only represent a general progression path to take through Zangarmarsh, it does NOT represent an exact path to take.

The Marsh Elementals at the Funggor Cavern is the best grinding spot in this zone, and it's a VERY good one too, the elementals die really fast and don't do a whole lot of damage. It's a good place to hang out for awhile, however you should focus more on doing the quests in this zone though.


Cenarion Refuge (78.64)


01) Turn in "The Cenarion Expedition"



02) "Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake"  (need to go to 70.80)

03) "As the Crow Flies"  (just click the amulet and it will fly you around)

04) "Balance Must Be Preserved"  (Unbrafen=70.80,  Marshlight=24.43  Serpent=61.41,  Lagoon=63.64)



05) "Drain Schematics"  (this quest starts from an item drop from a Steam Pump Overseer)  (Drian is at 50.41)

06) "Warning the Cenarion Circle"

07) "Return to the Marsh"

08) "Failed Incursion"  (the entrance is at 50.41)  (I skip this when racing to 70)

09) "Lost in Action"

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!



10) "Warden Hamoot"

11) "A Warm Welcome"  (the Nagas are all over the place!)



12) "The Dying Balance"  (kill Boglash)


________________________Wanted Poster

13) "Leader of the Darkcrest"  Elite (Rajah is at 65.68)  (for some reason this guy has a TON of hitpoints and is very hard to solo)


_________Wanted Poster

14) "Leader of the Bloodscale"  Elite (Rajis is at 64.41)


________________________Unbrafen Village (82.83)

15) "The Unbrafen Tribe"  (mobs are around 82.83, Kataru is up in the building at 85.90)

16) "A Damp, Dark Place[3] (the belongings is in the cave at 70.97)



17) "Escape from Umbrafen"  (escort quest, starts at 83.85)  (I wait until I'm finished with "The Unbrafen Tribe" before doing this since it leads you out of there)


________________________Lauranna Thar'well

18) "Plants of Zangarmarsh"  (once this is done once, you can keep turning in more plant parts for Cenarion Refuge Rep)

19) "Saving the Sporeloks[3] (the cave is at 74.92)



20) "Safeguarding the Watchers[3] (the cave is at 74.92)

21) "Blessings of the Ancients"



22) "What's Wrong at Cenarion Thicket?"  (turn this in at Cenarion Thicket in Terokkar Forest at 44.26)

23) (Continue the chain here)

Swamprat Post (85.54)

01) "Thick Hydra Scales"

02) "Searching for Scout Jyoba"  (turn this in at 80.36)

03) "Jyoba's Report"  (this is dropped by a Withered Giant)



04) "Menacing Marshfangs"  (kill Marshfang Rippers)

05) "Nothin' Says Lovin' Like a Big Stinger"  (Boglash is at about 49.59)



06) "There's No Explanation for Fashion"  (these stinger bugs are all over the place)



07) "No More Mushrooms!"  (kill Umbrafen Eel at Umbrafen Lake)

08) "A Job Undone"  (Sporewing is at around 78.45)


________________________Requires LVL 62

09) "Report to Shadow Hunter Denjai"  (turn this in at Zabra'jin (31.51)


________________________Requires LVL 62

10) "News from Zangarmarsh"  (turn this in at Stonebreaker Hold in Terokkar Forest at 48.45)


Zabra'jin (31.51)

Get FP there.


01) "Stinging the Stingers"  (kill Marshlight Bleeders)

02) "The Sharpest Blades"  (kill Marshfang Slicers)



03) "Angling to Beat the Competition"  (kill Fenclaw Thrashers)

04) "The Biggest of Them All"  (Mragesh is at around 42.41)



05) "Pursuing Terrorclaw"  (Terrorclaw is at 22.46)



06) "Burstcap Mushrooms, Mon!"  (Burstcap Mushrooms are right around Zabra'jin)

07) "Have You Ever Seen One of These?[3] (this is done at 26.22)



08) "Spirits of the Feralfen"  (this is done at around 46.62)

09) "A Spirit Ally?"  (plant the totem at 44.66, have to then kill the serpent that comes out)



10) "Message to the Daggerfen[3] (this is done at around 24.24)


________________________Wanted Poster

11) "WANTED: Boss Grog'ak[2] (the Boss is at 34.34)

12) "Impending Attack"  (the attack plans are up in the outpost laying on the floor at 19.27)

13) "Us or Them[2] (this is best done along with "Stealing Back the Mushrooms")  (these quests are done at the island at 18.7)


_________Wanted Poster

14) "Wanted: Chieftain Mummaki[3] (Mummaki is at 24.26 up in the building)



________________________Requires LVL 65

15) "Reinforcements for Garadar"


________________________Requires LVL 64

16) "The Ogre Threat"  (turn this in at Blade's Edge Mountains, 51.58)




Cenarion Watchpost (23.66)


01) "Observing the Sporelings"  (the area you need to visit is 14.61)

02) "A Question of Gluttony"

03) "Familiar Fungi" [2]

04) "Stealing Back the Mushrooms[2] (this is best done along with "Us or Them")  (these quests are done at the island at 18.7)


************"Count" Ungula (mob)

05) "The Count of the Marshes"  ("Count" Ungula drops Ungula's Mandible, which starts this quest)


Sporeggar (19.64)

________________________Fahssn (19.64)  (both these quests are done at the Spawning Glen)

01) "The Sporelings' Plight[3]

02) (This quest is repeatable for Sporeggar reputation points.  You should become Friendly with the Sporelings, because it will open new quests to do from them.)

03) "Sporeggar[3] (to obtain this quest, you need to be Neutral with Sporeggar)  (turn this in at 19.51)



04) "Natural Enemies" [3]

05) (This quest is also repeatable for Sporeggar reputation points)


________________________Requires Neutral rep with Sporeggar

06) "Glowcap Mushrooms"  (these are all over the place, mainly on the left side of Zangarmarsh)


________________________Requires Neutral rep with Sporeggar

07) "Fertile Spores"  (the bats are all over Zangarmarsh)


________________________Requires Friendly rep with Sporeggar

08) "Now That We're Friends..."

09) "Now That We're Friends..."   (AGAIN?)

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT DO THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!


*************Coilfang Reservoir (49.41)

10) "Bring Me A Shrubbery!"

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!



11) "Oh, It's On!"

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!



12) "Stalk the Stalker"

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!




63-65 Terokkar Forest

Terokkar Forest


01) Cenarion Thicket

02) Stonebreaker Hold

03) Stonebreaker Camp

04) Refugee Caravan

05) Sha'Tari Base Camp

06) Skywing


The Blood Elves at Firewing Point are the best mobs to grind in this zone, although not all of them are squishes, and sometimes it can be a bit annoying with the adds. This may not be a great grinding spot but it's probably the best one in this zone. Make sure you get the quests for Firewing Point before you go there.


Cenarion Thicket (44.26)

________________________Scryers (NOTE:  I focus on Scryer's reputation rather than Aldor)

01) "It's Watching You!"  (obtain this from Warden Treelos, he is wondering around the village)  (Naphthal'ar is up in the building at 42.22)



02) "Clues in the Thicket"  (the strange object is in the building at 45.21)



03) "Strange Energy"  (the Teromoths are found all around the Cenarion Thicket)

04) "By Any Means Necessary"  (turn this in at Empoor)

05) "Wind Trader Lathrai"  (Lathrai is in Shattrah City at 72.30)

06) "A Personal Favor"  (this is done at 30.42)

07) "Investigate Tuurem"  (the box is in the upper right hand side of Tuurem at 54.29)

08) "What Are These Things"

09) "Report to Stonebreaker Camp"  (turn this in at 63.42)

10) "Attack on Firewing Point"  (done at 71.37)

11) "The Final Code"  (this is up in the far eastern building in Firewing Point and dropped by Sharth Voldoun)

12) "Letting Earthbinder Tavgren Know"


13) "The Firewing Point Project"

!!!!!!!!!BUGGED IN BETA!!!!!!!!!



14) "Escape from Firewing Point!"  (escort quest, starts in Firewing Point at 73.35)


Stonebreaker Hold (48.45)


Get FP there.

Make it your new home.

Turn in "News from Zangarmarsh"

When I turn level 64 I tame a lvl 64 Dreadfang Widow for Bite rank9 (they are just south of the Hold)


01) "Olemba Seed Oil"  (Olemba Cones are all over the place)

02) "And Now, the Moment of Truth"  (Grek is right in front of the Wanted Poster)


________________________Wanted Poster

03) "Wanted: Bonelashers Dead!"  (kill Bonelashers)

04) "Torgos!"  (Elite, you should find a group to help you kill Torgos, he's not too hard to solo if it wasn't for all the adds) (Trachela is at 42.52)  (Torgos is flying up in the air at 26.58)



05) "Alien Spirits" [3]



06) "Vestments of the Wolf Spirit"  (the Worgs are all over the place)

07) "Patriarch Ironjaw"  (Ironjaw is at around 67.35)

08) "Welcoming the Wolf Spirit"



09) "Magical Disturbances"  (kill Warp Stalkers)



10) "The Missing Merchant"  (there is a cart at 46.27 that you need to click on)

11) "Tracking Down the Culprits"

!!!!!!!!!BUGGED IN BETA!!!!!!!!!



12) "Speak with Scout Neftis"  (turn this in at 39.43)

13) "Who Are They?"  (Initiate=39.39 on the wood plank,  Laborer=38.40,  Advisor=  40.39 in the building)

14) "Kill the Shadow Council!"  (Shadowmaster Grieve is in the building at 40.39)



15) "Arakkoa War Path" [3]



16) "Stymying the Arakkoa[3] (Ashkaz=49.16,  Ayit=59.24,  Urdak=31.42)



17) "Surrender to the Horde"  (turn this in Shattrath City at 52.21)

18) "The Eyes of Skettis"  (Eye of Veil Shienor is at the top of the tree house at 57.23)  (Eye of Veil Reskk is at the top of the tree house at 50.19)

19) "Seek Out Kirrik"  (turn in at 38.49)

20) "Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk[2] (best done along with "Missing Friends")  (done at 30.42)

21) "Veil Rhaze: Unliving Evil"  (done at 28.56)

22) "Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike"  (done at 22.72)

23) "Veil Shalas: Signal Fires"  (this is done at around 56.69)  (the fires are at the top of the tree houses)

24) "Return to Shattrath"  After turning this in accept this right next to you...

25) "The Skettis Offensive"



26) "An Unwelcome Presence" [2] (this is done at the Bonechewer Ruins, 66.52) 

27) "The Firewing Liaison"  (she is in the building at 67.53)



Stonebreaker Camp (63.42)


01) "What Happens in Terokkar Stays in Terokkar[2] (this is done at the Bonechewer Ruins, 66.52)


Refugee Caravan (37.49)


01) "Recover the Bones"  (obtained at 37.49)  (the bones are all over the Bone Wastes)  (turn in at 35.66)

02) "Helping the Lost Find Their Way"  (these mobs are all over the Bone Wastes)  (turn in at 63.42)



03) "Before Darkness Falls"  (You can find a large concentration of these mobs around 38.60)



04) "Cabal Orders"  (starts from an item drop.  Drops by a Cabal Skirmisher)

05) "The Shadow Tomb"  (the tomb is at 30.52)  (the items are in chests at the end of each of the 3 tunnels)



06) "Escaping the Tomb"  (escort quests starts inside the tomb at 30.49)  (I do this quest last before I leave the tomb)



07) "The Infested Protectors"  (need to kill the forest walkers around the Bone Wastes)



08) "Missing Friends[2] (best done along with "Veil Skith: Darkstone of Terokk")  (done at 30.42)



09) "The Tomb of Lights[2] (the tomb is at 46.54)



10) "The Vengeful Harbinger[2] (the tomb is at 46.54)

!!!!!!!!!BUGGED IN BETA!!!!!!!!!


Sha'Tari Base Camp (31.76)


01) "Digging Through Bones"

02) "Fumping"  (need to use the Fumper item to bring the mobs out)

03) "The Big Bone Worm"  (need to use the Fumper on a dead clefthoof around 46.75 and kill Hai'shulud Elite, he is tough to solo, you may need a group to help)



04) "An Improper Burial"

05) "A Hero Is Needed"  (the mobs are around 33.74)

06) "The Fallen Exarch"



07) "The Dread Relic"  (the relic is in the chest at 43.76)

08) "Evil Draws Near"  (this is done at 48.67)



09) "Taken in the Night"  (this is done at 51.82)

!!!!!!!!!BUGGED IN BETA!!!!!!!!!


The Bone Wastes (53.72)


01) "Skywing"  (obtained at 53.72)  (you have to fight an elite mob at the end that drops Luanga's Orders, which starts "Host of the Hidden City")  (the elite mob is hard to solo at lvl 63-65, so you may need a group to help or do it later)  (turn this in at Shattrah City, 52.20)



02) "Host of the Hidden City"



Shattrah City

Shattrah City

Get FP there at 63.42


01) "A'dal"  (Turn this in directly in the middle of the city)



02) "Rather Be Fishin'"  (obtained at 64.15)  (done at the lake in Terokkar Forest, 39.10)



03) "A Cure for Zahlia"  (obtained at 64.15)  (Doing this quest will cause your Scryer rep to decrease, but I do this for more XP)  (Stonegazer is a LVL 64 Elite mob)



04) "Strained Supplies"  (kill dreadfang spiders)



05) "City of Light"  (starts at 54.44)  (I skip this quest while speed running as it wastes too much time, however if you are just playing casually, then I'd check it out)

06) "Allegiance to the Aldor" or "Allegiance to the Scryers"  (pick which ever one you are focusing on REP wise)

07) "Voren'Thal the Seer"  (turn in at 42.91)



08) "Firewing Signets"  (obtained at 45.81)  (done at 71.37)



09) "Losing Gracefully"  (obtained at 46.83)  (The cooking pot is at 61.50, you can immediately leave after that or watch the fun, up to you, there is no follow up quests)



10) "Synthesis of Power"  (you can turn in more for Scryer rep)



11) "Can't Stay Away"  (Isfar is located in Terokkar Forest at 44.65)

12) "Brother Against Brother"

13) "Terokk's Legacy"

14) "Terokk's Legacy"



15) "Sunfury Signets"  (obtained at 45.81)



65-67 Nagrand



01) Nesingwary Safari

02) Garadar

03) Mag'hari Procession

04) Throne of the Elements

05) The Ring of Blood

06) Wazat

07) Aeris Landing

08) Sunspring Post

09) Halaa


The Vir'aani Clan around Oshu'gun (especially at the 3 little crystal areas) are the best grinding spots for this zone. also the Voidspawns around this area die fast too.

If you find you can't get enough XP doing the quests, then you can hang out here for a little bit grinding these etherals.


Nesingwary Safari (71.40)

This tends to be the first place I stop at and start working on.


01) "Clefthoof Mastery[3] (kill Clefthoofs)

02) "Clefthoof Mastery[2] (kill Clefthoof Bulls)

03) "Clefthoof Mastery"  Elite  (kill Banthar)  (hunters can kill him easily with this little trick - See Video)



04) "Windroc Mastery[3] (kill Windrocs)

05) "Windroc Mastery"  (kill Ravenous Windrocs)

06) "Windroc Mastery Elite  (kill Gutripper)



07) "Talbuk Mastery[3] (kill Talbuk Stags)

08) "Talbuk Mastery[2] (kill Talbuk Thorngrazers)

09) "Talbuk Mastery"  Elite  (kill Bach'lor)



10) "The Ultimate Bloodsport"  (You get this quest after completing all the other "hunt" quests)  (Tusker is located at 44.66)



11) "I'm Saved!"  (this quests starts randomly from a mob attack at Kristen DeMeza at the Safari)


Garadar (56.36)

Get FP there.

Make it your new home.


01) "The Impotent Leader"  (turn this in at Terokkar Forest, 19.60)

02) "Don't Kill the Fat One"

03) "Success!"

04) "Because Kilrath is a Coward"  (turning in this quest also opens up "Standards and Practices" (Accept that right next to Jorin)

05) "Message in a Battle[2] (this is done at 73.69)  (best done along with "Standards and Practices")

06) "An Audacious Advance[3] (this is done at 49.56 or 40.33) (this is best done along with "Bleeding Hollow Supply Crates" and "Wanted: Giselda the Crone")

07) "Diplomatic Measures"  (Lantresor is at 73.62)



08) "Armaments for Deception[2] (done at the Kil'sorrow Fortress, 69.81)  (best done along with "Ruthless Cunning")


09) "Ruthless Cunning[2] (done at the Kil'sorrow Fortress, 69.81)  (best done along with "Armaments for Deception")



10) "Returning the Favor[2] (this is done at 46.24)


11) "Body of Evidence[2] (this is done at 46.24)



12) "Message to Garadar"



13) "Standards and Practices[2] (First=72.69,  Second=74.70,  Third=75.68)  (best done along with "Message in a Battle")

14) "Bleeding Hollow Supply Crates[3] (this is done at 49.56 or 40.33, in the caves)  (this is best done along with "An Audacious Advance" and "Wanted: Giselda the Crone")


________________________Wanted Poster

15) "Wanted: Giselda the Crone[3] (this is done at 69.82)




16) "Wanted: Zorbo the Advisor[2] (best done with "Proving Your Strength")  (this is done at 45.21)  (Zorbo is up in the cave at 46.18)



17) "The Throne of the Elements" (turn this in at 60.22)



18) "Vile Idolatry[5] (done at Sunspring Post, 31.44)



19) "Murkblood Leaders...[5] (Ortor is at 30.42)


________________________Requires LVL 65

20) "Proving Your Strength[2] (best done with "Wanted: Zorbo the Advisor")  (this is done at 45.21)

21) "More Warbeads!"  (This is a repeatable quest for Mag'har rep only)



22) "The Missing War Party"  (turn this in at 32.36)

23) "Once Were Warriors[5] (done at Sunspring Post, 31.44)

24) "He Will Walk The Earth..."



25) "Missing Mag'hari Procession"  (turn this in at 32.36)

26) See Mag'hari Procession section for the rest of this quest chain.


________________________Requires LVL 66

27) "Wanted: Durn the Hungerer"  (Durn pretty much requires a full group to beat him)


________________________Requires LVL 66

28) "He Called Himself Altruis..."  (Altruis is at 27.43)

29) "Survey the Land"  (as of the beta, if you are mounted you can bypass the flight and save time when you do this quest)

30) "Buying Time" Elite

31) "The Master Planner"

32) "Patience and Understanding"

33) "Crackin' Some Skulls"

34) "It's Just That Easy?"

35) "Forge Camp: Annihilated"



36) "A Visit With the Greatmother"  (The Greatmother is in the Inn)

37) "Material Components"

38) "To Meet Mother Kashur"  (turn this in at 26.60)

39) "The Agitated Ancestors"

40) "A Visit With The Ancestors"

41) "When Spirits Speak" (the Oshu'gun entrance is at the north side of it, keep going south in Oshu'gun till you get to where you turn this quest in)

42) "A Secret Revealed"

43) "Auchindoun..."

44) "What the Soul Sees"

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!










Mag'hari Procession (32.36)

All these quests are done at Warmaul Hill, 25.27.


01) "Finding the Survivors" [2]


02) "War on the Warmaul" [2]

03) "Cho'war the Pillager" Elite


Throne of the Elements (60.22)


01) "A Rare Bean"  (pick up Dung piles)

02) "Agitated Spirits of Skysong"  (Lake Spirits are in the lake at 59.28)

03) "Blessing of Incineratus"  (Large Hut=72.50,  Western Hut=70.51,  Southern Hut=71.53,  Eastern Hut=72.54)

04) "The Spirit Polluted"  (this is done at Lake Sunspring, Watoosun is at 33.50)



05) "Muck Diving"  (this is done at the Halaani Basin, 42.44 [the water around Halaa])



06) "The Underneath"  (Gordawg is a big elemental giant wondering around the Throne of the Elements)

07) "The Tortured Earth"  (kill Tortured Earth Spirits)

08) "Eating Damnation"  (kill Enraged Crushers)  (These are all over the mid section of Nagrand)

09) "Shattering the Veil"  (throw Gordawg's Boulder at Shattered Rumblers)

10) "Gurok the Usurper"  (he is at 29.25 and you need a group to kill him)



11) "The Howling Wind"  (This quest starts from an item dropped from a wind elemental)

12) "Murkblood Corrupters[5] (done at Sunspring Post, 31.44)


The Ring of Blood (42.20)

You can really rack up some quick XP doing the following quests, however you are going to need a group to help you do them all as they are not soloable:

________________________These are all done at 42.20

01) "The Ring of Blood: Brokentoe"

02) "The Ring of Blood: The Blue Brothers"

03) "The Ring of Blood: Rokdar the Sundered Lord"

04) "The Ring of Blood: Skra'gath"

05) "The Ring of Blood: The Warmaul Champion"

06) "The Ring of Blood: The Final Challenge"  (Be warned after you kill him once, you have to fight him again)


Wazat (61.67)


01) "I Must Have Them!"  (drops from air elementals)

02) "Bring Me The Egg!"  (there is an egg up in the nest that you need to pick up, you then have to fight an elite mob which is hard to solo)  (to get to the nest is actually very easy if you have an epic mount, watch this video to see how to get up there)


Aeris Landing (31.57)


01) "A Head Full of Ivory"  (the Wild Elekks are all over the place in Nagrand)  (this quest is repeatable for Consortium REP only)



02) "Stealing from Thieves"  (the crystals are all around Oshu'gun as drops and objects)  (this quest is repeatable for Consortium REP only)



03) "Gava'xi"  (this guy wonders around Oshu'Gun, and sometimes can be hard to find)  (for the most part I think he can usually be found on the eastern side of Oshu'Gun)



04) "Matters of Security"  (the Voidspawn are all around Oshu'gun)


________________________Requires Friendly rep with The Consortium

05) "Membership Benefits"


________________________Requires Friendly rep with The Consortium

06) "Obsidian Warbeads"


Sunspring Post (31.44)


01) "The Totem of Kar'dash[5] (escort quest that starts in Sunspring Post)


The other Sunspring Post quest can be found above highlighted in dark green.

Halaa (41.44)


01) "Oshu'gun Crystal Powder"  (this quest is repeatable for extra XP!  So turn in as many as you can)  (the NPC only appears if the Horde has control over Halaa, so you can only turn this in when the Horde has control of the base)


67-68 Blade's Edge Mountains

Blade's Edge Mountains


01) Blades' Run

02) Thunderlord Stronghold

03) Bloodmaul Ravine

04) Bladespire Hold

05) Evergrove

06) Bladed Gulch

07) Mok'Nathal Village


This zone currently does not have any decent grinding spots found yet, If I find a good one it will be listed here in a future update.

The entrance to Blade's Edge is in Zangarmarsh at 68.32

Blades' Run (53.96)


01) "Killing the Crawlers"  (turn this in at Thunderlord Stronghold, 51.58)


Thunderlord Stronghold (51.58)

Get FP there at 52.54


01) "The Encroaching Wilderness"  (these mobs are just south of Thunderlord Stronghold)

02) "Dust from the Drakes"  (the drakes can be found at the Living Grove, around 39.70)

03) "Protecting Our Own"  (use the Ointment on the wolves just south of Thunderlord Stronghold)



04) "The Bladespire Threat"  (done at Bladespire Hold, around 40.55)

05) "The Bloodmaul Ogres"


________________________Wanted Poster

06) "Felling an Ancient Tree"  (Stronglimb Deeproot wonders around the path at 37.76)

Bloodmaul Ravine (44.72)


01) "They Stole Me Hookah and Me Brews!"  (obtained from T'Chali the Witch Doctor at 44.72)  (the Hookah is at 42.81)  (the brews are dropped from Bloodmaul Brewmasters and Bloodmaul Brew Keg objects around the Bloodmaul Ravine)

02) "Bladespire Kegger"  (done at Bladespire Hold, around 40.55)

03) "Grimnok and Korgaah, I Am For You!"  (Grimnok Battleborn=45.80,  Korgaah=43.47)

04) "A Curse Upon Both of Your Clans!"

Bladespire Hold (around 40.55)


05) "Thunderlord Clan Artifacts"  (starts from an item drop from a Bladespire Ogre)  (Arrow=41.52 go up the stone ramp,  Drum=40.58  Tablet=41.46)

06) "Vision Guide"

07) "The Thunderspike"  (the thunderspike is at the end of the cave, the entrance to the cave is at 42.85)

08) "The Spirits Have Voices"

09) "Whispers on the Wind"

Evergrove (61.39)

Get FP there at 61.39


01) "A Time for Negotiation..."  (Nuaar is wondering around the left side of Ruuan Weald)  (turning in this quest also it pens up "Poaching from Poachers", the NPC right next to you)

02) "...and a Time for Action[2] (this is done in the area west of Ruuan Weald)



03) "Poaching from Poachers[2] (this is done in the area west of Ruuan Weald)

04) "Whelps of the Wyrmcult[2] (done in the cave at 32.37)



05) "Did You Get The Note?"  (quest starts from an item drop from a Wyrmcult Hewer or Poacher, this is generally found while doing "Poaching from Poachers")

06) "Wyrmskull Watcher"  (turn this in at 49.35)

07) "Longtail is the Lynchpin"  (Draaca Longtail is wondering around in the tunnel)

08) "Meeting at the Blackwing Coven[2] (Kolphis is at 32.37 in the cave)

09) "Maxnar Must Die!"  (Maxnar is in the cave at 33.35)  (watch out this guy does a fire attack that does about 4,000 fire damage)



Obtained from the big Ancient

10) "Little Embers[2] (these imps are at 71.22)


________________________Obtained from the big Ancient

11) "From the Ashes[2] (this is done at 72.22)



12) "Creating the Pendant"  (keep killing the arakkoa at Veil Ruuan, at 64.32 for six claws, then use them at the green circle, kill the mob that comes out)

13) "Whispers of the Raven God"  (First=39.17 up in the tree house,  Second=42.21 up in the tree house,  Third=40.18 on the ground,  Forth=40.23 on the ground)


14) "The Truth Unorbed"  (starts from an item dropped by an arakkoa at the Grishnath, around 39.21)

15) "Treebole Must Know"  (Treebole is at 37.23)

16) "Exorcising the Trees"  (this is done in Raven's Wood, the top left section of Blade's Edge)  (read the quest description carefully to see what you have to do)



17) "Culling the Wild"  (this is done around 72.28)

Bladed Gulch (around 72.28)


01) "Damaged Mask"  (quest starts from an item dropped from a Fel Corrupter)

02) "Mystery Mask"

03) "Felsworm Gas Mask"

!!!!!!!!!BUGGED IN BETA!!!!!!!!!


Mok'Nathal Village (74.63)

Get FP there at 76.65


01) "Whispers on the Wind"

02) "Reunion"

03) "On Spirit's Wings"  (this is done around 59.32)

04) "Baron Sablemane"  (turn this in at 53.41)

05) "Into the Churning Gulch"  (done at the Churning Gulch, around 48.42)

06) "Baron Sablemane's Poison"  (turning this quest in also opens up "Crush the Bloodmaul Camp"

07) "The Smallest Creatures[2] (the marmots are little critters on the ground at around 56.29)  (the 3 kegs are around 55.26)

08) "A Boaring Time for Grulloc"  (Grulloc and his sack is at 60.47)  (use Huffer's Whistle item to call Huffer out to distract Grulloc so you can pick the sack up)

09) "It's a Trap!"  (turning in this quest also opens up "Slaughter at Boulder'mok")

10) "Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater[2] (done at 31.22)

11) "Prisoner of the Bladespire"  (the cage and the ogres to kill are at 65.19)

12) "Showdown"  (the altar is at 64.18

 !!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!



13) "Crush the Bloodmaul Camp[2] (done at Bloodmaul Camp, around 55.26)



14) "Slaughter at Boulder'mok[2] (done at 31.22)



15) "Mok'Nathal Treats"  (these mobs are all around Razor Ridge)  (you can find a large concentration of serpents at 68.72)


16) "Silkwing Cocoons[2] (the mobs are just south of the Village)



17) "The Softest Wings[2] (the mobs are just south of the Village)



18) "The Stones of Vekh'nir"  (this is done at 77.74, keep killing the Vekh'nir mobs till the crystals drops, then use it at the Spell Circle)

19) "Trial and Error[2] (you can farm a larger concentration of Arakkoa mobs at 77.76 for the crystal drops, the ogres are at 71.75)

20) "Ruuan Weald"  (turn this in at 62.39)



21) "Understanding the Mok'Nathal[2] (Vekh is in the cave at 69.72, the entrance to the cave is at 72.69)

22) "Since Time Forgotten...[2] (Gnosh Brognat is at 57.54)

23) "Slay the Brood Mother[2] (Dreadwing is at around 65.78)



24) "The Totems of My Enemy[2] (done at Bladespire Outpost, 57.56)

25) "Spirit Calling[2] (the Nether Drakes are at around 63.77)  (use your 5 totems wisely, you can go get more but you should use the 5 totems to get all 8 spirits)

26) "Gather the Orbs"  (this is done at 66.43)

27) "Inform Leoroxx!"

28) "There Can Be Only One Response"  (done at 66.43)


68-69 Netherstorm



01) Gyro-Plank Bridge

02) Area 52

03) Ruins of Enkaat

04) Netherstorm

05) Town Square

06) Midrealm Post

07) The Stormspire

08) Protectorate Watch Post

09) Access Shaft Zeon

10) Cosmowrench

11) Tuluman's Landing


REMEMBER:  The arrow paths you see only represent a general progression path to take through Netherstorm, it does NOT represent an exact path to take.

This zone really does not have any good grinding spots, the Wrathbringers and Terrorguards are probably the best mobs to grind in this zone. Another decent place could be at the Ethereum Staging Grounds, at 55.39


Gyro-Plank Bridge (21.55)


01) "Off To Area 52"  (this is the first quest you grab right when you enter Netherstorm)  Turn this in at Area 52, (32.64)

02) See quest "You're Hired!"



Area 52 (32.63)

Get FP there at 33.63 (It's outside of the town)

Make Area 52 your new home.


01) "Securing the Shaleskin Shale"  (drops from Shaleskin Flayers)

02) "That Little Extra Kick"  (kill Nether Rays)  (these are all around Area 52, especially on the northern side)



03) "You're Hired!"



04) "Invaluable Asset Zapping"  (the objects to get for this quest are at around 39.75)

05) "Dr. Boom!"  (Dr. Boom is at 34.60, you need to use the Boom's Doom item to kill him)



06) "Report to Engineering"

07) "Essence for the Engines"  (kill Mana Wraiths just right above Area 52)

08) "Elemental Power Extraction"  (you have to use the item Elemental Power Extractor on Warp Aberrations and Sundered Rumblers)



09) "Assisting the Consortium"

10) "Consortium Crystal Collection"  (Pentatharon drops the crystal at 42.72)

11) "A Heap of Ethereals"  (the Zaxxis clan is at around 30.77)



12) "Warp-Raider Nesaad[3] (Nesaad is at 28.79)

13) "Request for Assistance" [2] (turn in at 46.56)

14) See Midrealm Post section for the rest of the quest chain...



15) "Another Heap of Ethereals" [3] (This quest only increases your rep with The Consortium)



________________________Obtained from Papa Wheeler

16) "Pick Your Part" [3]



17) "In A Scrap With The Legion"  (this is done at 50.60)



18) "Help Mama Wheeler" [2] (turn this in at 46.56)

19)  "Request for Assistance")  (turn this in at 46.56)

20) See Midrealm Post section for the rest of the quest chain...



21) "The Archmage's Staff"  (the brazier is at 40.72)

22) "Rebuilding the Staff"  (Ruins of Enkaat (31.56)

23) "Curse of the Violet Tower"  (use the staff to call out Archmage Vargoth, he will continue this quest chain)

24) "The Sigil of Krasus"  (Spellbinder Maryana is at 50.83)

25) "Krasus's Compendium"  (These are in the little houses, Chapter 1:  58.89,  2:  57.89,  3:  58.87)

26) "Unlocking the Compendium[3] (done at Sunfury Hold, 56.80)  (best done along with "Torching Sunfury Hold" "The Sunfury Garrison")

27) "Summoner Kanthin's Prize"  (I found Kanthin at 59.62, although he may have different spawn points, not sure)

28) "Ar'kelos the Guardian"  (tower is at 58.86, you can't miss it)  (to turn this in, you have to talk to Vargoth himself, not the image, he is at the top of the tower)

29) "Finding the Keymaster"  (Apex is at around 52.68)  (he's pretty easy to solo)  (then use the crystal at the top of the Violet Tower)

30) "Capturing the Keystone"

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!


________________________Wanted Poster (32.64)

31) "Wanted: Annihilator Servo!"  (drops from an Arcane Annihilator)


________________________Wanted Poster (32.64)

32) "Breaking Down Netherock"





Ruins of Enkaat (31.56)

(It's more efficient to grab quests in Area 52 before doing the following)


01) "Recharging the Batteries"  (make sure you use the blaster on the Phase Hunters right when they have very little health left)



02) "Mark V is Alive!"  (this escort quest was easy but long)


Netherstorm (48.63)


01) "Sabotage the Warp-Gate!" (obtained at 48.63)  (I managed to solo this escort quest at level 68)  (turn this in at 46.56)


Town Square (57.85)

For such a small little area, you are going to have a LOT of quests to do here!


01) "Needs More Cowbell"  (Bessy is at 59.78)

02) "When the Cows Come Home"  (easy escort quest)


________________________Apprentice Andrethan

03) "Indispensable Tools"  (the Smithing Hammer drops from a Kirin'Var Apprentice, they are located east of Town Square)

04) "Master Smith Rhonsus"  (Rhonsus is at 60.85)


________________________Lieutenant-Sorcerer Morran

05) "The Unending Invasion[6] (the Mana Bomb Fragment is at 55.87 in the middle of Wizard Row area)

06) "Potential Energy Source"  (this is done at Manaforge Coruu, 50.84)

07) "Building a Perimeter"  (east=59.85,  north=57.82,  west=54.86)



08) "Torching Sunfury Hold[3] (done at Sunfury Hold, 56.80)


________________________Custodian Dieworth

09) "A Fate Worse Than Death[6] (these mobs are found at the Wizard Row area around 55.87)



10) "The Sunfury Garrison[3] (done at Sunfury Hold, 56.80)

11) "Down With Daellis"  (Master Daellis Dawnstrike is at around 56.66)



12) "Malevolent Remnants"

13) "The Annals of Kirin'Var"  (Battle-Mage Dathric drops this in the town hall, 60.87)

14) "Searching for Evidence"  (the object for this quest is in the building at 60.78)

15) "A Lingering Suspicion"

16) "Capturing the Phylactery"  (to get the Phylactery, click on the middle outhouse at 59.80)

17) "Destroy Naberius!" Elite (he is at 62.79)



These are mobs that you have to kill which start certain quests:  (They all also all get turned in at the Wizard Row area according to the pic on the right)


18) "Cohlien Frostweaver[6] (Cohlien Frostweaver drops Cohlien's Cap, which starts this quest)  (Turn in at the Footlocker 55.87)



19) "Battle-Mage Dathric[6] (Battle-Mage Dathric drops Dathric's Blade, which starts this quest)  (Turn in at the Weapon Rack 56.86)



20) "Abjurist Belmara[6] (Abjurist Belmara drops Belmara's Tome, which starts this quest)  (Turn in at the Bookshelf 55.86)



21) "Conjurer Luminrath[6] (Conjurer Luminrath drops Luminrath's Mantle, which starts this quest)  (Turn in at the Dresser 56.87)





****************************************Wizard Row

Midrealm Post (46.56)


01) "Rightful Repossession"  (this is done at Manaforge Duro, 58.65)

02) "An Audience with the Prince"  (turn in at The Stormspire, 45.35)

03) See... "Triangulation Point One" at The Stormspire...



04) "One Demon's Trash..."  (this is done at The Scrap Field, 50.58)

05) "Declawing Doomclaw"  (Doomclaw is at 50.58)

06) "Warn Area 52!"

07) "Doctor Vomisa, Ph.T."  (turn this in at 37.63)

08) "You, Robot"

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!



09) "Run a Diagnostic![3] (this is done at 48.54)

10) "Deal With the Saboteurs"  (this is done around the little lake at Midrealm Post)

11) "To the Stormspire[2] (turn in at The Stormspire, 43.35)

12) See... "Diagnosis: Critical" at The Stormspire...



13) "New Opportunities[3] (the Ivory Bells are all over Midrealm Post)



14) "Keeping Up Appearances[3] (these drop by Ripfang Lynx, and are all over Midrealm Post)

15) "The Dynamic Duo[2] (turn in at The Stormspire, 44.36)

16) See... "Retrieving the Goods" at The Stormspire...


The Stormspire (43.34)

Get FP there at 45.34


01) "Flora of the Eco-Domes"  (obtain this at 42.33 below The Stormspire)

02) "Creatures of the Eco-Domes"

03) "When Nature Goes Too Far"  (big hydra in the water at 44.28)


________________________Need to turn in "To the Stormspire" to get this.

04) "Diagnosis: Critical"  (this is done at 47.26)

05) "Testing the Prototype[3] (turn this in at 45.14)

06) "All Clear![3] (The raptors are all around Eco-Dome Farfield)

07) "Success!"


________________________Need to turn in "The Dynamic Duo" to get this.

08) "Retrieving the Goods[3] (this is done at Eco-Dome Farfield, 45.12)



09) "In Search of Farahlite"



10) "Surveying the Ruins[2] (Marker One=51.20,  Two=54.22,  Three=55.19)



11) "The Minions of Culuthas[2] (this is done at Ruins of Farahlon, 53.22)



12) "Fel Reavers, No Thanks!"  (this is done at Forge Base: Oblivion, 36.26)

13) "The Best Defense"  (done at Forge Base: Gehenna, 40.21)

14) "Teleport This!"


________________________Need to turn in "An Audience with the Prince" to get this.

15) "Triangulation Point One"  (first point is at 66.33)

16) "Triangulation Point Two[3] (second point is at 28.41)  (best done with "Dealing with the Overmaster" and "Dealing with the Foreman")

17) "Full Triangle"  (Culuthas drops the Crystal, 53.21)  (this quest can be soloed but not easily)


Protectorate Watch Post (58.31)


01) "A Not-So-Modest Proposal"  (found in Access Shaft Zeon, the entrance to the cave is at 60.45, it is right next to Agent Ya-six)  (turn in at the Ethereal Teleport Pad, 71.38)

02) "Getting Down to Business"  (you turn this in at the Shrouded Figure, just right next to the Ethereal Teleport Pad, 70.38)

03) "Formal Introductions"  (turn this in at 71.35)

04) "A Promising Start"

05) "Troublesome Distractions"  (go kill Wind Trader Marid at 58.31, then return to turn it in)

06) "Securing the Celestial Ridge"  (need to use the Challenge of the Blue Flight item to call Veraku and kill him, 72.43, I soloed him easily at LVL 69)



07) "Electro-Shock Goodness!"  (you have to drink the Navuud's Concoction item, then target Seeping Sludges and Void Wastes [those little blobs in the water at the Ethereum Staging Grounds))



08) "The Ethereum"  (done at around 57.35, Captain Zovax is an orange etheral wondering at around 57.35)  (turn in at the Ethereum Transponder Zeta, 56.38)

09) "Ethereum Data"  (data cell is lying on the ground at 55.39)

10) "Potential for Brain Damage = High"

11) "S-A-B-T-A-G-E"  (keep killing archons and overlords until the Wrapping drops)

12) "Delivering the Message"

13) "Nexus-King Salhadaar"

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!



14) "Captain Tyralius"  (the key drops from Warden Icoshock, at 55.40.  The cage is at 53.41)



15) "Recipe for Destruction"  (kill Unstable Voidwraiths and Voidshriekers)

16) "On Nethery Wings"  (use the Nether Drake to fly up there, then keep spamming the Phase Disruptor item to keep hitting the Void Conduit, easy quest)

17) "Dimensius the All-Devouring"



Access Shaft Zeon (59.45)


01) "The Flesh Lies..."  (obtained at 59.45)



02) "Arconus the Insatiable"  (obtained from Agent Ya-six in the northern part of the cave)



Cosmowrench (65.66)

Get FP there.


01) "Bloody Imp-ossible!"  (use Zeppit's Crystal item to summon an imp, then kill Warp Chasers)


Tuluman's Landing (34.37)


01) "Dealing with the Foreman[3] (the foreman is in the cave at 26.42)  (best done with "Triangulation Point Two" and "Dealing with the Overmaster")

02) "Dealing with the Overmaster[3] (the overmaster is at the northern most end of the cave)  (best done with "Triangulation Point Two" and "Dealing with the Foreman")



03) "Neutralizing the Nethermancers"  (done at Manaforge Ara, 28.42)



69-70 Shadowmoon Valley

Shadowmoon Valley


01) Shadowmoon Village

02) Legion Hold

03) Sanctum of the Stars

04) Netherwing Fields


The Shadow Council Warlocks at Legion Hold is probably the best grinding spot in the entire game!  My XP per hour at LVL 69 was incredible grinding these mobs! You can kill these mobs extremely fast and they drop decent loot too.  You just have to watch out for the Elite that roams around there.  Check out this short video clip to see how INSANELY fast you can kill these guys.


Shadowmoon Village (30.32)

01) Get FP there

02) Make it your new home.


03) "Besieged!"

04) "To Legion Hold"  (you need to use the Box o' Tricks item approximately at 23.36)

05) "Setting Up the Bomb"  (Power Core=26.41,  Armor Plate=22.35)

06) "Blast the Infernals!"

07) "The Deathforge"  (turn this in at 38.38)

08) "Minions of the Shadow Council"  (this is done in and around Deathforge, 40.39)



09) "The Fate of Kagrosh"  (See Video on where to find Kagrosh)

10) "Bring Down the Warbringer!"  (Razuun is in Deathforge in those gates)  (turn in at 30.32)

11) "Gaining Access"

12) "Invasion Point: Cataclysm"  (the teleporter is at 25.36)

13) "The Art of Fel Reaver Maintenance"  (the doctor is just right down the ramp right behind the first pillar, 28.20)

14) "The Fel and the Furious"

15) "News of Victory"  (Overlord Or'barokh is at 28.26)



16) "The Summoning Chamber"  (see video on where to find the Summoning Chamber)


________________________Wanted Poster

17) "Wanted: Uvuros, Scourge of Shadowmoon"  (Uvuros is at 55.48)



18) "The Sketh'lon Wreckage"  (the mobs that drop these quest items are at around 36.29)

19) "Find the Deserter"  (turn this in at Parshah, about 35.37)

20) "Asghar's Totem"  (need to kill Asghar at 39.30)

21) "The Rod of Lianthe"  (strongbox is at 47.71)

22) "Sketh'lon Feathers"  (feathers are on the ground at 43.54)

23) "Imbuing the Headpiece"  (altar is at 42.44)

24) "Thwart the Dark Conclave"  (this is done at 41.62)



25) "What Strange Creatures..."

26) "Frankly, It Makes No Sense...[3] (this is done at 62.40)  (best done along with the other Baa'ri quests)

27) "Felspine the Greater"  (this mob is at 55.43 in the lava)



28) "A Haunted History"  (these are all around the western side of Shadowmoon Valley)

29) "Spectrecles"  (use the Spectrecles item to kill the zealots in Shadowmoon Village, you can then spot them easily by the yellow mist coming off of them)

30) "Teron Gorefiend - Lore and Legend"  (turn this in at 58.70)


31) "Divination: Gorefiend's Cloak"  (the cloak drops from a Cleric of Karabor, these can be found around 64.48 and you need to wear the Spectrecles to see them)


32) "Divination: Gorefiend's Truncheon"  (the Truncheon drops from a Ghostrider of Karabor, they can be found mostly around the eastern path of Shadowmoon Valley you need to wear the Spectrecles to see them)


33) "Divination: Gorefiend's Armor"  (you need to kill Vhel'kur, you need to be lvl 70 to fly over to Netherwing Ledge or be summoned there by a Warlock)

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!



34) "A Grunt's Work..."  (these mobs are all over)

35) "The Path of Conquest"

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!



36) "The Hand of Gul'dan"  (turn this in at The Altar of Damnation, 42.45)

37) "Enraged Spirits of Fire and Earth"  (this is done in The Fel Pits, around 46.46)

38) "Enraged Spirits of Water"  (the water elementals can be found at 50.24)

39) "Enraged Spirits of Air"  (air elementals can be found around 59.62)

40) "Oronok Torn-heart"  (turn this in at 53.23)

41) "I Was A Lot Of Things..."  (use the whistle to call boars to dig up the tubers, so you can pick them up)

42) "A Lesson Learned"  (a large concentration of these eggs can be found at 56.17)

43) "The Cipher of Damnation - Truth and History"


44) "Grom'tor, Son of Oronok"  (turn in at 44.23)

45) "The Cipher of Damnation - Grom'tor's Charge"  (this is done at around 53.25)

46) "The Cipher of Damnation - The First Fragment Recovered" [3]


47) "Ar'tor, Son of Oronok"  (turn in at 29.50)

48) "Demonic Crystal Prisons"  (Gabrissa is at 28.47)

49) "Lohn'goron, Bow of the Torn-heart"

50) "The Cipher of Damnation - Ar'tor's Charge"  (Veneratus appears around 30.57)

51) "The Cipher of Damnation - The Second Fragment Recovered" [3]


52) "Borak, Son of Oronok"  (turn in at 47.57)

53) "Of Thistleheads and Eggs..."  (keep picking up rotten eggs until one actually gets picked up, you can find them at 43.56)  (turn this quest in at Shattrath city, 64.69)

54) "The Bundle of Bloodthistle"

55) "To Catch A Thistlehead"  (just read the quest description to find out exactly what you have to do)

56) "The Shadowmoon Shuffle"  (this is done at Eclipse Point, 45.69)

57) "What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets..."  (Ruusk is at 46.71)

58) "The Cipher of Damnation - Borak's Charge"

59) "The Cipher of Damnation - The Third Fragment Recovered" [3]

60) "The Cipher of Damnation"   (Elite)  (done at 42.45)






Legion Hold (23.36)


01) "Illidari-Bane Shard"  (this quest starts from an item dropped from an Overseer Ripsaw)

02) "Capture the Weapons"  (you need to kill the two elite mobs at Legion Hold, I was able to solo both of them at lvl 69)

03) "The Hermit Smith"  (David Wayne is at 77.38 in Terokkar Forest)

04) "Additional Materials"  (Adamantite Frame=sold by Dealer Najeeb in Netherstorm, 45,36.  Knothide Leather is made from skinning, so you can look in the AH for that.  Demon Warding Totem is sold by Fantei in Shattrath City, 64.70)

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!


Sanctum of the Stars (56.58)

(Scryers only)

Get FP there


01) "Karabor Training Grounds"  (this is done at around 68.50)

02) "A Necessary Distraction"  (need to kill a Sunfury Warlock to get an item drop called Scroll of Demonic Unbanishing, then use that scroll to free Azaloth)

03) "Altruis"  (He is in Nagrand at 27.43)



04) "Against the Legion"



05) "Against the Illidari"  (Lothros is at 27.55 in Shadowmoon Valley)



06) "Against the Odds"  (this is done at 15.40 in Zangarmarsh)



07) "Illidan's Pupil"

08) "The Book of Fel Names"

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!



09) "Tablets of Baa'ri[3] (this is done at the Ruins of Baa'ri, 59.38)  (best done along with "The Ashtongue Broken" and "Frankly, It Makes No Sense...")

10) "Oronu the Elder"  (Oronu is at 57.32)

11) "The Ashtongue Corruptors"  (Eykenen=51.52,  Haalum=57.73,  Lakaan=49.23,  Uylaru=48.39)

12) "The Warden's Cage"  (turn this in at 57.49 down in the little hole)

13) "Proof of Allegiance"  (Zandras walks atop of the ledges, just pull him down and kill him)

14) "Akama"  (just drop down in the water, you will see a little passageway to get to Akama)

15) "Seer Udalo"

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!



16) "The Ashtongue Broken[3] (obtain this at 54.58 up on the hill)  (this is done at the Ruins of Baa'ri, 59.38)  (best done along with "Tablets of Baa'ri" and "Frankly, It Makes No Sense...")

17) "The Great Retribution"  (this is done at around 68.38)

!!!!!!!!!BUGGED IN BETA!!!!!!!!!


Netherwing Fields (62.60)


01) "Kindness"  (obtained from Mordenai, around 60.59)

02) "Seek Out Neltharaku"  (Neltharaku is flying up in the air above Netherwing Fields)  (so you need to be lvl 70 with a flying mount to turn this in and to continue the rest of this quest chain)

03) "Neltharaku's Tale"

04) "Infiltrating Dragonmaw Fortress"  (this is done at Dragonmaw Fortress, 67.61)

05) "To Netherwing Ledge!"  (the crystals are objects to be picked up around the big crystals at Netherwing Ledge [70.85] and are only found around the perimeter of the island)

06) "The Force of Neltharaku"

07) "Karynaku"  (Karynaku is found at 69.61)

08) "Zuluhed the Whacked"

!!!!!!!!!I DID NOT CONTINUE ON!!!!!!!!!



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